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trainPASSENGER RAIL SUPPORTERS WILL GATHER IN MADISON SATURDAY, MARCH 26, for the spring meeting of the Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers at the Crowne Plaza hotel, 4402 E. Washington Ave.  Non-members are welcome to attend.  Click here for the registration form.

Speakers will be:

John Parkyn, WisARP President.

Alan S. Drake, a consulting engineer and professional researcher based in New Orleans, has a strong research focus on rail electrification and other rail right of way upgrading and improvements. He has written numerous articles supporting rail system modernization and upgrading both for freight and higher speed passenger service, as a significant contribution to reduced oil dependence and for achieving significant economies in transportation costs.

Watertown Mayor Ron Krueger who will discuss the effect of the cancellation of the Hiawatha extension on development in his city.

Susan Schmitz, president of Downtown Madison, Inc., who will talk about the impact on business development of the cancellation of the Milwaukee-Madison passenger rail segment of the Chicago-Twin Cities route.

Forrest Van Schwartz, managing director of Global Transportation Consultancy, Madison, who will discuss high-speed rail around the world and company projects now underway.

The program begins at 10 a.m. and concludes no later than 3 p.m.  Lunch is included in the registration fee.  Coffee, juice and rolls are available starting at 9 a.m.

The registration fee is $25 through March 23, then $30.  Students may attend for $5.

trainTHE WISARP PLAN FOR IMPROVING PASSENGER RAIL SERVICE IN WISCONSIN is one of the main news items in the latest issue of Badger Rails, the newsletter of the Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers.  Click here for a copy of the eight-page publication for March and April.

trainRAIL MATTERS ON TWITTER CONTINUES TO GROW.  Rail Matters is another information source from ProRail with some exclusive content.  We’ve posted nearly 2,300 messages to date and have grown to about 850 subscribers.  You can view the most recent posts on this page, or go to the Twitter page itself at http://twitter.com/railmatters to view more posts.


WE NEED YOUR PRESENCE TUESDAY (DEC. 7) at a public meeting in Madison to send a message that area support for the Madison-Milwaukee rail line remains strong, despite Gov.-Elect Scott Walker’s repeated statements he will kill this service.  We need to keep the pressure on.

Please attend this Wisconsin Department of Transportation hearing being held from 5-7 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 4402 E. Washington Ave.  (This replaces the earlier WisDOT –announced site as its Southwest Region Office, 2101 Wright Street.) You’ll have a chance to ask questions and make comments.  Let others know you want to ride these trains and the jobs and economic stimulus this service will bring.

Click here for a leaflet with more details about this and similar hearings being held in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

more passenger trains in and through Wisconsin? This publication explains
the high-speed rail project at a glance, explains how the planned transportation
network will spur economic de elopement, shows in text and a graph that more
than 1 million riders a year are expected to use the Chicago-Milwakee-Madison
route, and offers answers to frequently-asked questions.

Download the latest issue of “FROM VISION TO REALITY,” a newsletter from
the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, here.

trainFED UP WITH POLITICANS' ATTACKS ON PASSENGER RAIL EXPANSION in Wisconsin?  You’re not alone.  Others advocating for more high-speed and conventional passenger rail expansion are calling on all supporters and current and future train travelers to “Stand Up for Trains.”

A “Stand Up for Trains” Web site has been unveiled by the Midwest High Speed Rail Association, in response to passenger rail becoming an issue in Wisconsin and other states.  At that Web site, you can sign a pro-rail petition and also send a message to your elected officials that you are standing up for more trains.

There also are links provided to a “Stand Up for Rail” Facebook page and the MHSRA  Twitter page.

Click here to “Stand Up For Trains.”  (Also check out our RailMatters page at Twitter.)

WHAT WILL A TRIP ON A HIGH-SPEED TRAIN BE LIKE?  This short video imagines
such a future trip and how you might get from your home to the train and
from the train to your destination.  Sit back, enjoy -- and imagine!

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